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Business Japanese coach


Business Japanese coach

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I'm Yasu Yoshida, your coach in mastering business Japanese. 

Working in a Japanese company, or aspiring to work in one? Have you felt that your Japanese business language skills are limiting you from achieving your goals? And not only the language, but also the customs, the unspoken social expectations .... However you don't have the time to go to language schools..., or you realize that very little of what you study there is applicable to your environment.
This is exactly what I can help you with. 
I`m a certified teacher of Japanese as a foreign language, with 15 years of teaching experience. I`ve taught to private clients, and in language schools.
In my previous life I have worked in several Japanese companies, in industries as diverse as tourism, import-export, retail and telecommunications. My jobs have taken me to do business abroad.
It is this long and diverse experience that I would like to share with you, helping you navigate not only the world of kanji and keigo, but also the world of Japanese business customs.
Whether  your goal is to pass a Japanese proficiency test, or get better at daily communication, don't hesitate to contact me for a free trial session.

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“I was taking private lessons with Yasu-sensei and we always met whenever and wherever was convenient for me. The examples he made to teach me grammar and vocabulary were always especially made for me and were taken from my life.
I loved how I could use the sentences he taught me in a real conversations with colleagues  straight  away. He didn’t only teach me standard vocabulary, but also inside jokes and slang words. I was able to impress several professors and CEOs!

Asraa Ziadi

Since I moved to Japan in November 2018 I am taking private lessons with Yasu-sensei. I am learning a lot during our sessions, not only by improving my vocabulary and grammar but also by learning how to interact in daily life. He uses descriptive materials and always response to my individual wishes. I can highly recommend to study with Yasu-sensei to improve your Japanese language skills.
Sophie Renner

I enjoyed Yasu's lessons a lot because he is very friendly and patient, easy to communicate with; his teaching is also very well structured and his explanations are very clear. 

Highly recommended!

Marc Humblet

Taking personalized Japanese lessons with Yasu in a very small group has been a very enjoyable and useful experience that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, from beginner level to professional.

Yasu was extraordinarily able to tailor his teaching to my needs and progress and is very easy going, f

lexible and patient. All traits that one needs from a good teacher.

His ability to adjust his teaching to the level of my knowledge is outstanding.

Berthold Fischer

Yoshida-sensei really helped me with my Japanese studies.

He's able to use simple examples to explain difficult grammar structures and the cultural connotation of the grammar which makes it easy to understand for me.

He is also really helpful with providing a lot of external resources to help even further with my studies outside of class time.


He is also very patient and friendly which makes the class even more enjoyable and easy to memorize.

Highly recommended!!

Joshua Francis

He is really great at tailoring his approach to meet my needs. I had been studying beginner level Japanese from different apps and books for several years, but I hadn't really internalized most of what I had learned yet. I needed someone who could help me use what I had been studying in real conversations, so that's how our lessons have been structured. Yoshida-sensei is so great at figuring out exactly what I can understand and what I can't and matching the level of our conversation to what I'm ready for. After each lesson I feel a little both successful and stretched to grow a bit more. He's also very patient. Sometimes I'm really slow when I'm trying to remember a word or compose a sentence using a grammar structure that I haven't mastered yet. He always patiently waits for me to get there, celebrates when I get it right, and corrects me when I get it wrong. Being able to slow down like that has built my confidence and that has actually helps me get faster again as I get more practice with a particular grammar structure. I definitely recommend him as a teacher!


Henderson Jenny

I had a relatively intensive online class with Yoshida-sensei (3 times/week). He is very approachable and lessons do not necessarily have to be textbook based. We usually have some impromptu conversations which allows me to put into practice the Japanese learned. He has very interesting personal stories and I would highly recommend him.

Charlie Foo

Yasushi-sensei is a very patient and organized teacher who helped me improve my knowledge in grammar significantly over the past 3 months. I admire his ability to explain complex grammar with simple words and examples. Additionally, my spoken language improved as well due to many casual conversations we had during our studies. Totally recommend.

Iana and Nick

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